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The Pet Examiner is an adjunct to this website. Think of it as a magazine, a blog, a look behind the scenes at Murphy Road Animal Hospital.  

Each week on the Exam Room Page, one of our dedicated doctors will present a case that he or she has treated.  You will be able to “look over his or her shoulder” and observe as the thought process employed from diagnosis to treatment is explained.  You will learn a lot about how to keep your pet healthy.

You are encouraged to participate in an online blog on the Bark Back! Page.  Each month we will post a Bark! concerning a hot topic in the pet world.  It will tend to be a controversial subject and we hope to see your well thought out and polite opinions expressed. 

From time to time Dr. Griffith Haber, founder of our practice, will publish his own thoughts and observations about the world that has been his life for the past 40 years in an interesting and enjoyable format.  We believe that he will provide you insight that you may never have considered.  His essays will make you smile and perhaps at times touch your heart. That page is called, But I Digress . .

We also hope that you will send us your own stories about your pets, past and present. We would love their photos and videos too.  We will put them all on The Pet Examiner website on the About Your Pets Page

If you have any comments, suggestions, and ideas for how we can make The Pet Examiner better, please contact us at info@petexaminer.com.  We would love to hear from you!