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Our Hospital

We think our hospital has a homey feeling that is both a comfortable place to work and a pleasant place to visit. VCA, Inc Murphy Road Animal Hospital has been located in Sylvan Park since 1977, and has undergone four renovations and additions. Sylvan Park is a wonderful area and we have a great community here.


When you first enter Murphy Road Animal Hospital you will begreeted by one of our knowledgeable and friendly receptionists. They are here to schedule your pet's visit, set up and maintain individual medical records on every patient, and answer all of your questions. With veterinary experience totaling over 100 years, our front desk is the best you will find at any animal hospital anywhere.

Our Waiting Rooms

We hope not to keep you waiting too long, but our patients' illnesses don't always take our appointment schedule into consideration. Our waiting rooms are clean and comfortable. Some say, "it's the best show in town."

Our Examination Rooms


Our Examination Rooms are clean and well equipped with the latest diagnostic technology including video otoscopes. Our pet nurses will hold your pet during the examination so that you are free to discuss his medical condition with your veterinarian.

Our Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the most modern blood chemistry and hematology equipment available in veterinary medicine. We are able to perform ninety per cent of our blood tests in this lab and we can usually have the results in a matter of minutes. We are also equipped to analyze and culture your pet's urine, perform cytological examinations, check your pet's feces for infection and parasites and perform many immunological tests for various viral diseases including parvovirus, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus.

Our Pharmacy


We have a complete pharmacy and stock over 700 drugs. All drugs are kept under controlled conditions and carefully dispensed. For those pets that are difficult to give tablets or capsules, we are able to compound and flavor these medications into liquids that your pet will readily take. How about our "Chicken Pot Pie," or "Grilled Tuna," or "Roasted Lamb," or maybe "Mom's Banana Bread?"

Our Hospital Ward

The hub of Murphy Road Animal Hospital is our hospital ward, where our compassionate doctors and nursing staff care for your pet when it is ill. We are able to provide all levels of hospital care from post-surgical to special and intensive care. You can rest assured that your pet is kept comfortable, and will be treated as we would treat our own pet while it is in our care.

Dental and Treatment

Dental services and treatments of hospitalized patients are provided here as well as ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, endoscopy, and minor surgeries. We are able to provide routine dental care for dogs and cats using safe and modern anesthetic procedures and ultrasonic dental scalers. Heart, blood pressure, body temperature and oxygen levels are closely monitored.


Our surgery suite is equipped with modern inhalation anesthetic equipment, a table warming system, state-of-the-art patient monitoring devices, a computer aided electrocardiograph, ultrasound, and automated fluid administration equipment. We also have the most modern CO2 laser system to reduce pain, reduce recovery time and risk of infection. All surgery is performed using strict sterile procedure and with the greatest of care.

Our X-ray Room

Murphy Road Animal Hospital is equipped to perform the radiographic procedures that your pet needs to aid in the diagnosis of illness and injury. We are equipped with state-of-the-art DR - Digital Radiology, which not only provides better quality X-rays for better diagnostics, but easier storage, and the easier and faster transmission of your pet's radiographs to specialists by employing e-mail or DVDs. By using digital we also avoid the use of chemicals that may be harmful to the environment.

Our Grooming Department

Does your pet want a day at the spa? Our groomers have over 30 years of experience making pets beautiful. Purebreds, mixed breeds, and kitties too, they work miracles on them all!

Our bathing area is clean and equipped with water massage equipment to not only get your pet clean but to make it feel great as well. We provide cleansing as well as medicated shampoos and are able to treat various skin and coat conditions as directed by our veterinarians. Our staff is well trained, gentle, and are all dedicated animal owners themselves.

After your pet is bathed, the next stop is the drying room where your pet's coat is brushed and fluff dried, before returning to our groomer for those finishing touches.

Our Cat Boarding

Our feline guests are kept on our second floor completely separate from our barking canine visitors. They are tenderly cared for and fed the highest quality foods. Special diets are carefully controlled and medications meticulously administered. They are checked regularly by our veterinarians.

Food Storage

Here we store the dozens of different prescription and maintenance diets that we keep in stock for your pet. Inventory is carefully maintained to assure that your pet receives only the freshest and most wholesome foods available.

Our Adoption Center

Let's leave Murphy Road Animal Hospital and walk just across Murphy Road. You will see the red awning of Love at First Sight!, our Puppy and Kitten Adoption Center and Nursery. Here you will find adorable puppies and kittens, all waiting to be adopted by new families.

When you enter Love at First Sight! you will immediately notice two things, first how clean it is, and second, how noisy! You will find puppies and kittens of all types and sizes. We obtain our puppies and kittens only from families that have had unplanned litters. Only healthy pets are accepted into the program. They are given thorough physical examinations by our veterinarians, vaccinated against serious disease, dewormed, bathed, and fed only the best diets.

There is no adoption fee for these pets, we ask only that you pay for the medical care that they have received, and promise to return to us to complete their vaccination series and be spayed or neutered. The fees for these services are then returned to the adoption center to cover its considerable expenses. That's how Love at First Sight! is funded, and how we have been able to find loving families for over 4000 puppies and kittens since 1995.