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confused_woman_at_computer_cropped.jpgBefore you buy your pet's medications online please read this:

Just because a company advertises lower prices for their pet medications does not necessarily mean that the prices are actually lower or that all products are equal.  We have several clients who have discovered that Murphy Road Animal Hospital's Online Pharmacy's prices are LOWER than the major online pet stores.  In addition, we stand behind our products as far as dating, storage conditions and effectiveness.

Our doctors and associates will teach you the correct way to administer the products, make sure the product is the very best one to use for your pet, and make certain that the product does not cross-react with other medications that your pet is taking.
Furthermore, WE WILL MATCH the price offered by American online retailers for Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventives and we will even include free shipping if you prefer not to make a trip to our hospital. If you prefer, our courier service will deliver your orders of medications or pet foods to your home by the next day for a small charge.

Murphy Road Animal Hospital Online Pharmacy and Pet Store

Before you place that online order, at least compare our prices and then make an informed decision about who you trust to care for your beloved family member.

A report in the USA WEEKEND states that fake versions of Frontline and Advantage have started showingusa_today_logo.jpg up in packages that closely resemble the real thing.  These, according to the article, have shown up in retail stores, on Web sites and through telephone order numbers.  The best way to assure that you are buying the actual safe and effective product is to purchase them through your veterinarian, or through your veterinarian's web site.

Click Here to go to the FDA's web site for detailed information about how to identify counterfeit products.

Did you realize that most of the monthly broad-spectrum Heartworm/Parasite protection products carry a "manufacturer guarantee" that is only valid if purchased through your veterinarian, or your veterinarian endorsed web site?

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