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Here at Murphy Road Animal Hospital in Nashville, we are happy to provide rebates so that you can save money on your pet medications.


Novartis Animal Health Product Rebates

Novartis offers product rebates on a variety of pet medications, including Adequan, Atopica, Deramaxx, Interceptor and Sentinel. All you have to do is create an account by filling out your information and your pet’s information. Next, you start the rebate submission product by entering your offer code on your rebate form. Once finished with all the steps, you can track your offer to see where it is in the system. For more information on Novartis rebates, you can check out their FAQs page.



Adequan Canine helps promote joint health in dogs that have arthritis or other degenerative joint diseases. If you notice any signs or symptoms of arthritis in your dog, including difficulty getting up after in the morning or after a nap, certain behavioral changes or reluctance to exercise, you should contact our veterinarian. If you have recently purchased Adequan, fill out the rebate form.


Atopica or Cyclosporine A helps relieve the pain and itching associated with dermatitis in dogs and cats. To redeem your rebate, please go to the rebate site and fill out the form.

Bravecto Product Rebate

Bravecto_ad_with_girl_and_dogBravecto is a long-acting chewable tablet that helps prevent fleas and ticks on your dog. Forget about giving your dog medications every 30 days. Bravecto works for three months. To redeem your Bracecto product rebate, fill out the form on MyPet. If you purchased two doses, you can receive $15 cash back. If you purchased four doses, you can receive $35 back.


Deramaxx helps control your pet's osteoarthritis. It reduces pain and inflammations, allowing your pet to walk, run and play. It can also be used to control pain after orthopedic surgery and dental surgery. To receive your Deramaxx rebate, fill out the form on the Novartis website.


Interceptor helps prevent internal parasites in dogs and cats, including heartworms and intestinal parasites. It is an easy to administer, chewable, beef flavored tab. To receive your rebate, fill out the product rebate form.

Sentinel Spectrum from our Veterinarian in Nashville

Our veterinarian in Nashville offers Sentinel Spectrum for the prevention of fleas and heartworms. It also treats roundworm, hookworm and whipworm infestations. Sentinel Spectrum is only for dogs. To claim your rebate, go to the Novartis rebate web page. If you purchased a six month supply, you can receive $15 cash back. If you purchased a 12 month supply, you can receive $35 back.

To get your product rebate questions answered or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Nashville, call our office at 615-383-4241. We recommend filling out the online rebate forms for the best results. However, you can mail your rebates. You just have to make sure that each rebate offer is mailed in a separate envelope. Murphy Road Animal Hospital does not handle the rebate offers.