We Remember With Love . . .

On behalf of the staff at Murphy Road Animal Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have departed this world.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.You may email a photo of your pet using the link at the bottom of this page, or send us one and we will scan it for you.

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Boocelli 06/2000-03/13Madison 08/2/1996-05/07/2014

From the time you were a few weeks old climbing up my pants leg and falling asleep in my lap, until you were almost 18 being lifted up to fall asleep in my lap. I love you and miss you. You were and are my heart. 



Boocelli really was the spirit of Nashville! We loved getting to know him over the years, he was always so gentle. He will be greatly missed.


Abbie 01/1999-12/2012


Abbie was a sweet baby. She will be missed by her friends, family, and staff at Murphy Road Animal Hospital. She is always in our thoughts.


Marge  11/2000 - 03/2013


Marge lived a great life and was loved by everyone who knew her. She will be missed everyday.



08/1998 - 09/2009


I came to you to stay a while.
Not knowing how long it would be.
You gave to me the best of worlds.
Now it's time to set me free.

You were my friend when things were low.
I never will forget.
But now my frail body says "let me go."
That my sun may finally set.

- The Great White Pussycat

Loved by Carole



4/29/2001 - 6/17/2012

Gavin brought so much love to this world, and to Mark and me. We are so fortunate to have shared our loves with him. He had a gentle spirit and was an incredibly loving and faithful companion.




Leroy was a wonderful boy. He went blind, but never let that slow him down, and he was a joy to know. Leroy left us last week and runs now at the Rainbow Bridge, taking in the sights. He is greatly missed. 




11/11/1998 - 8/16/11


 Our beloved Munchkin.  She filled our hearts with love.

 Her Family - the Spivas




Adopted from the Nashville Humane Society in 1994, Ginger, a Basset/Shepherd mix, gave us 14 years of unconditional love. She loved chasing the squirrels that invaded her yard, yet she never caught a single one. She always wanted to flip on her back and sit on the couch like a little person. And when bath time came, she would jump in the tub on her own and lather up. She was absolutely the best little girl in the world! Ginger hid her cancer from us until the bitter end, which was so indicative of her personality - always wanting to please. Thanks to Dr. Vanderpool and the MRAH team for helping us make the very difficult decision to let her go on March 7, 2008, when the cancer took over. Ginger, we miss you and love you so much! You were such a big part of our lives. You will live forever in our hearts. Roger & Thom




Mr. Henry, Lily & I miss you so much everyday. Hope you are enjoying life on the other side.





Best Kitty in the Whole World! (that's what his Mommy always used to tell him and he vainly agreed)




Sweetest Dog ever!







"Mama's Queen" is what I called her. She was the sweetest dog...more so like a child... I have ever had. Her favorite thing was ice cream. She learned the word and then how to spell it. I miss her soooo much. Queen was the type of dog that would bark to announce someone coming and then force them to love on her once they were in the house. I know she is one doggie that went to Heaven.




Paws; she was the Princess of the house and exhibited the same grace in death that she possessed in life. She was the kind of pet that took time to get to know. She was finicky when she first met you, not wanting to pass judgment until she got to know you. To her, trust and love, had to be earned and was not simply given away. Her love, once awarded, had a staying power. She was a playful cat; whether it was a twist-tie, a moving hand beneath the bedsheets, a fish or spider on the end of a string, or your open garment bag on the night before a business trip, she was always up for fun. She was mischievous; knocking objects off the dresser and crunching paper bags while you slept, or hanging out in your closet getting black hair on white shirts. There are many small nuances about her behavior that help defined her character. Those, such as the thumping of her paws on a closed door, drinking from your water glass or her voracious appetite for milk in your cereal bowl, we'll never forget. As we relax this evening and think of you, we'll reserve that open lap for you and your everlasting love, warmth and peace. We will miss you so much. With love, Cheryl, Matt, Sumi and Murphy




He was a beautiful being of a cat, his heart was just too big for this world. His love is everlasting and he will be forever missed. -Aimee



Gus passed away today. He was diagnosed with primary lung cancer on January 4, 2008. At that time, they told us he had just a couple of weeks left, and then we would know that it was time to bring him in. Ocie and I decided this morning that Gus had done everything he needed to do on this earth, and that it was time to move on. Ocie brought Gus in to Dr. Bell this morning, and Gus's sendoff was very peaceful and dignified. Everyone at MRAH was so kind and supportive. We had said everything we needed to say to Gus during the last few weeks - and the last 12 years - so we had no regrets - only that our time together was over. Please remember Gus in your prayers. He is breathing easy now and enjoying the afterlife that he so richly deserves. We will never forget this magnificent animal - his gentleness, the joy he brought into our lives, and the lessons he taught us. Everyone said that Gus was the luckiest dog in the world to have us for his mom and dad, but we were the lucky ones. We love you Gus, and we always will. Thank you for picking us. Mom and Dad brrff!




Cinnamon passed away on Tuesday, November 16, 1982 at the age of 8. She was survived by her loving owners, Grif, Sherry, and Erica and Matthew Haber. Cinnamon was the world's best baby sitter and is still very much missed.



10/31/1995 - 04/11/2009

Tex was truly a best friend that we adopted from Love at First Sight. Thank you for helping him have a long, healthy, and happy life.



8/1998 - 1/4/2011

Fuzz was a good dog. She loved everyone, was loyal, and had a heart (and attitude) far bigger than her body. She brought comfort, love, joy, humor, and happiness to every single life she touched.