Client Education Center

At Murphy Road Animal Hospital we realize that you are our indispensable partner when it comes to your pet's health care.  We feel that the more knowledge that you have about how to properly care for your special friend, the longer and healthier its life will be.

We have excellent resources available to you on this website.  The Internet is full of advice on how to properly care for your pet, but not all of the advice is helpful or correct, and in the worst case, may even be harmful.

To find useful information that you can trust:

If you are already a client of Murphy Road Animal Hospital:
  • If we have your email address in our hospital database, you may register for free at Pet Portal, or just log in if you are already a member. Click on Care Guides at the top of the page and follow the easy to use menu. If you have any problems logging in please call us.

  • If we don't yet have your email address in our hospital database, go head and register sending us your email address, it may take a day or so to get you entered into our system.  While you are waiting,  Click Here to find information that you can trust.

  • If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please contact one of our team members and we will make sure that you get them.
    If you are not yet a Murphy Road Animal Hospital client:
    • Well, first of all we hope you will become one!

    • Click Here to find information that you can trust.

    We also have many informative videos on such topics as your pet's health, training and behavior issues.   Be sure to visit our Video Newsroom under Community Topics at the right of this page.

    Click Here to watch Videos about medical procedures that your doctor as recommend for you to do at home such as giving insulin injections, Sub Q fluids, or nail trimming.

    Love at First Sight!, our Puppy and Kitten Adoption Center also has many excellent videos for you to view on its website.  Click Here to view them, and while you are there, be sure and checkout the adorable puppies and kittens available for adoption right now. Be forewarned, it will be Love at First Sight!