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Flea, Tick and Heartworm Control for Your Pet

All of our clients at some point have a problem with fleas, both on their pets and in the environment.  We truly understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate through all of the various products, in order to decide which products are the best and safest for your pet and your family.  Fleas can cause serious skin disease in your pet and can even bite humans. Ticks can transmit serious diseases to both humans and your pet.

Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and are endemic in our part of the country. All dogs and cats should be given an Heartworm preventive all year around.  

Symptoms of Heartworm infection in dogs are:

  • Coughing especially after exercise
  • Low exercise tolerance
  • Collapse
  • Death
  • Sometimes dogs may be infected and show no symptoms

The most common symptom in cats is sudden collapse and death.  This is why year round preventive treatment is so important for both dogs and cats. 

We have tried to determine the best flea and parasite control recommendations at this time (parasites adapt, so we must adapt too in order to stay ahead of them).

The recommendations we are now making are as follows:

fleas_cat_scratching.JPGFor Cats and Kittens

REVOLUTION is our recommended product.  It is applied topically to the back of the neck once a month, year round.  It prevents heartworms, prevents and treats hookworms and roundworms (both of which can be transmitted to humans, mainly children) and treats and prevents ear-mites. Revolution also treats and prevents flea infestation. Buy Revolution Now.

If you NEVER wish to see a flea, use PROGRAM in conjunction with REVOLUTION.  Ask a member of the Murphy Road health team for further information.

Always consult with us before buying products, as some products should not be used in kittens or sick or debilitated animals.

For Dogs and Puppiesfleas_dog_scratching.jpg

SENTINEL is our recommended product.  It is administered orally once a month, year round with or after a meal.  Sentinel prevents heartworms, treats and prevents hookworms, roundworms (both of which can infect humans, especially children) and whipworms. This product interrupts the flea life cycle by preventing flea eggs from hatching, and the maggots (larval stage) from forming into adults.  You may still see an occasional adult "straggler" or "hitchhiker" flea, so to control this, we also recommend that you administer a flea adulticide. Sentinel is a prescription item.  You may Buy Sentinel Now through our web site.  We will authorize the prescription is you pet is current for its annual Heartworm test.

COMFORTIS is our recommended flea adulticide for healthy dogs and puppies over 14 weeks of age. It is administered orally once a month along with or after a meal.   If you NEVER wish to see a flea, administer Comfortis with Sentinel, once a month, year round.  Watch this video to learn all about fleas and how Sentinel will help control them. Buy Comfortis Now.

If your dog has ticks, we recommend that you apply PARASTAR PLUS once a month.  Parastar Plus will also kill adult fleas.  Another alternative is to put a SCALIBOR COLLAR on your dog. This collar is for healthy dogs over 12 weeks of age, kills ticks and adult fleas for up to 6 months.  CALL US and we will send you Paratar Plus or a Scalibor Collar NOW!

Always consult with us before buying products, as some products should not be used in very young puppies or sick or debilitated animals.

Purchasing Parasite Control Products

Just because a company advertises lower prices for their pet medications does not necessarily mean that the prices are actually lower or that all products are equal.  We have several clients who have discovered that Murphy Road Animal Hospital's Online Pharmacy's prices are LOWER than the major online pet stores.  In addition, we stand behind our products as far as dating, storage conditions and effectiveness.

Furthermore, WE WILL MATCH the price offered by American online retailers for Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventives and we will even include free shipping if you prefer not to make a trip to our hospital.

Before you place that online order, at least compare our prices and then make an informed decision about who you trust to care for your beloved family member.


Product Return Policy

90 day return policy if product packaging is sealed, intact and undamaged.

No cash returns, account credit will be given for any returns. Return policy good on products purchased in house only.

More information on fleas, ticks, heartworms and other parasites may be found at  http://petsandparasites.org