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Grooming and Bathing Services

Pet Grooming in Nashville

Murphy Road Animal Hospital's pet grooming team has over three decades of grooming experience we assure that your cat or dog will be good hands.  Here at the Murphy Road Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet is irreplaceable. Therefore, we will give your pet the quality, professional care that they deserve. Even if you believe that your pet is easy to groom and care for, they will likely benefit from the services of our experienced groomers. Here are just a few of the advantages of professional grooming care for pets.

While it may not seem like it at times, pets possess an innate desire and drive to remain relatively clean. This explains why many pets have a tendency to lick their coats in order to look at least presentable. Proper grooming will certainly maintain your pet's good looks, but it is also a vital aspect of pet health care that pet owners should be careful not to overlook. While good grooming can be done at home, you should consider having a pet groomer in Nashville from Murphy Road Animal Hospital groom your pet.

Standard Services:

Breed standard hair cuts

Brush outs

Shave downs

Nail trims

Anal gland expressions

Ear cleanings

Ear plucking

Mixed media cuts

Princess Cuts


De-shedding treatments

Hair dying

Nail grinding

Specialty designs

Toe nail painting

Brushing teeth

Grooming while sedated (if needed)

Pet Bathing Services

One grooming service that we provide here at the Murphy Road Animal Hospital is bathing services. Even if your pet normally doesn't enjoy baths, we will treat your pet to an absolutely luxurious bath that he is bound to appreciate. Not only will the bath cleanse your pet of dirt, debris, and pet order, but the bath will also make your pet feel relaxed and revitalized. Our bathing services will keep your beloved pet happy and healthy.

Your pet is likely in need of our bath services if you notice him or her itching and scratching all the time. Fortunately, we can provide medicated baths that contain soothing agents, which will stop your pet's itching. Other than bathing services, we also provide anal gland expression, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

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Our Groomers

Vickie Harris

Vickie was born in Lebanon, Tennessee and grew up on 16th Avenue, which we now know as Music Row.  Vickie has celebrated a life dedicated to caring for animals and has special place in her heart for miniature Schnauzers, in which she raised for over 20 years.

Vickie has spent the last 40 years grooming pets in Nashville, TN and joined the Murphy Road Animal Hospital staff in 1981.  Vickie is known all over Middle Tennessee for her work grooming pets and we are incredibly happy to have her on our team.  In her free time, Vickie enjoys traveling, gambling, and get togethers with friends and family.

Natalie Longeway

Natalie started working in the Pet industry in 2012.  In 2013 she became a groomer and has worked in large corporate settings as well as privately owned salons.  Her main goal is clipping with compassion.  She excels in working with rescue animals as well as animals with behavioral challenges. 

Her passion is combining traditional grooming techniques with a new school creative flair.  Grooming is a perfect marriage between Natalie’s two favorite things – art and animals. Fun Fact:  Natalie has nine tattoos.

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