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Manage Your Pet's Health With Pet Portal


What is a Pet Portal?

Pet Portal is a free, on-line service offered to clients of the Murphy Road Animal Hospital. It is a private, interactive website linked to your pet's health care records from our hospital. It is designed to help you manage your pet's health care and learn about pet health care topics. Your Pet Portal is completely secure, so you do not need to worry about privacy. We protect your privacy and will never share your information.

What can Pet Portals do for you?

You can view your pet's health information, now including a list of medications, foods, and doctor's instructions.

You can request medication refills or food refills (to be picked up at our hospital or mailed or delivered to  you).

You can request an appointment on-line.

You can update your account and pet information and inform us of a change to your address, phone, or email address.

You can also upload recent photographs of your pet into your photo gallery.

Create and print instructions (PetNotes) for pet sitters and boarding kennels.

Setup Medication Reminders that automatically remind you when to give monthly medications to your pet.

You can learn about various diseases and vaccinations your pet should have to prevent these diseases and why they are important for your pet's health.

You will receive email communications from us, such as reminders for vaccinations, testing, appointments, and medication refills.

You will even receive a birthday greeting for each of your pets!

Note that you can opt out of these emails if you do not want to receive them. You can customize your Pet Portal to be interactive or not. It's your Pet Portal to make it what you want it to be.

Best of all, it's a free on-line service for our clients.

How do I sign up for my Pet Portal?

You must be a current client at Murphy Road Animal Hospital in order to receive a Pet Portals account. Just click on the link below and this will take you to a screen for Pet Portals.  Here click the "Activate Now" button on the left hand side, Pet Portal will then verify that you do not already have an current account and send you a password (this can take up to 5 minutes). When you receive your password you are up and running! 

To Receive Mobile Text Appointment Reminders

Pet Portal will send you a text (with your permission only) reminding you of an upcoming appointment with us. To opt-in to this feature:
- Login to Pet Portals
- Click On “My Information” under the purpleMy Profile” heading on the right top of the page
- At the very bottom of the page under Mobile Alerts check the box if you would like us to send you text messages for appointments reminders. Then, enter in the mobile number you would like to receive text messages and click "Update Contact Information".