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February is Pet Dental Month: 20% Off Special

Posted on 02-03-2015

Is your pet suffering from decaying teeth or mouth disease? Most pets suffer from periodontitis by the age of 4, with at least 80% of dogs struggling with some form of periodontal disease by th...

Winter Pet Wellness Part II

Posted on 01-21-2015

Winter Wellness Part II Exercise Have your dog’s walks declined since the winter hit? Has your cat’s feather toy found its way to the closet shelf?  As winter months arrive,...

Winter Pet Wellness Part I

Posted on 01-07-2015

Winter Wellness Has your pet seen your local vet since the winter months hit?  Wintertime can bring about a whole new set of health risks and difficulties your pet.  A winter wellness che...

Fleas and Ticks Control - Protect Your Pet this Summer

Posted on 07-30-2014

Fleas, ticks and other parasites can cause problems not only for your pets, but also for humans. Especially during the summer, when families and pets are frequently out-of-doors, infestation can...

Why Does My Pet Need Vaccines?

Posted on 07-10-2014

"Why does my pet need vaccines?" If you just adopted your first pet, you may be asking yourself a lot of questions right now, including that one. In your search for the right food, bed...