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3874576_smiley_woman_with_her_pet_on_the_sofa.jpgWe truly believe that we have the best clients in the world. They love their pets and have chosen us to provide the best pet care available.  Below please watch the Video Petsimonials that our wonderful clients have taken their time to give us.  We can't thank them enough! Our team takes great pride in the appreciation that we receive for our dedication and efforts.

We always value our clients' experience at VCA, Inc Murphy Road Animal Hospital.

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Below is a small fraction of the incredibly nice notes and letters we have received from our fantastic clients.


Tsuki's 5th Bday-Thanks Murphy Road

Tutsi2.jpgWhen we first moved to Nashville 1 ½ yrs ago we didn't think Tsuki would make it another year with all her health issues.  Thanks to the great caring team at Murphy Road she gets to celebrate her 5th birthday today.  Could you please share the pictures w/ the team?  Especially Tsuki's friends Margit, Blakely, Mo, Dr. Graves, Dr. Cassetty, Dr Bell, & Dr Wall.



MRAH Staff,

Thank you very much for taking such wonderful care of MacIntyre during his stay. We can tell he loves it there! He came home fat, fluffy and definitely missing everyone at Murphy Road. Thank you!

Cass and Amie (and MacIntyre)

Dr. Bell and Murphy Road Animal Hospital Staff,

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful care and compassion you gave to Pasquale and me.  I am so grateful for everything you did for us - from taking such great care of him throughout his many years to rushing to my home in his final moments.  I could not ask for a better group of people!  I so greatly appreciate the support and compassion you all shared with me.

Gratefully yours,

Dear Dr. Bell and everyone at Murphy Road,

Thank you for helping to put Zelda back on her feet!  She is doing great - almost like new. We are so grateful!


To our friends at Murphy Road Animal Hospital -

We appreciate the loving care you gave Mackie over the years. We loved him so much and with your help were able to keep him with us for much longer than we thought possible. He was a gift and very much enriched our lives.  Thank you.

Vaden and Steve

To the staff at Murphy Rd. -

Thank you for your wonderful care to Sunny and Shelton. Thanks for always being there to answer my crazy questions.

The R's

Dear Pam, Joann, Margit, and all the staff at MRAH,

Thank you so very much for your kindness and support for Niles and me. You all helped to make his life the good time it was.  You guys are great.



Dear Murphy Rd. Staff -

Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave me and my animals over the past 10+ years. Dr. Bolles and Dr. Vanderpool cared for them during their geriatric phases. They brought me great comfort during trying days and decisions. With my last dog, Cody, Dr. Howell was great and came to my house  to make sure his passing was gentle and sweet. Joanne, Pam, Margit, and others have been so helpful along the way. I appreciate Murphy Rd. Clinic and look forward to future relationships. Thank you for all you do to make our lives better.

With love,

Dear Dr. Prior, Dr. Bell, Dr. Graves, and everyone at Murphy Road,

Where do I begin to thank all of you for your wonderful care of Chance? Although he was only a patient there for the last few months, we feel totally appreciative to all of you for your compassion and sense of urgency in dealing with him and his complex medical issues.  Even in the last hours of his life, he was surrounded by your prayers and desires for his comfort and meeting all of his needs.

Chance was a wise and trusting member of our family-- and it is clear that he also put his trust in all of you. He was truly a gift--and is very much missed.

Best regards,


Dr. Cassetty, Dr. Howell, & all the nurses who made friends with Josie,

Thank you so much for the card and poem about Rainbow Bridge.  It really meant a lot to Braden and I.  the care you guys gave Josie was so wonderful - she always got excited to see each of you :-) Each time we called for advice on a new problem Josie was having everyone was very knowledgeable and so helpful & caring. We miss Josie very much but feel so good about the great care she had while she was here. We appreciate you guys and when we are ready to get another puppy we hope to see you again :-0

Heather & Braden

The Doctors and Staff:

My mommy told me about the birthday email you sent me. We want to thank you very bow wow much! I had a great day! My Daddy & Mommy took me to go swimming. I got to chase sticks and catch ball with my Dad. I ran and ran on a huge green field.  I was quite exhausted from great fun on my special day! Remember, wag more and bark too!

 Bow wow, wagging tail
Miss "Iris"

To all my friends at Murphy Rd. Animal Hospital,

You have always treated me and my friends like family when it came to taking Bella, Zima or Speed for help.  The concern and loving care you have shown Speed throughout her life and final days will always be remembered by us.  

With the highest regard,


Many thanks to our friends Pam, Vickie, Dr. Haber, Dr. Prior, Dr. Bell and the other Techs, Doctors and Staff Members,

Thanks again for 14 1/2 yrs. of friendship and great services.  Happy Holidays. May God's choicest Blessings forever flow upon each of you.


Dr. Graves,

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with my Bentley. It was amazing how well he did once I got him back home.  My other three cats didn't have the opportunity to have the laser surgery, and they were in a little more pain than Bentley was. If you didn't know already, I found Bentley under our house in our air conditioning unit.  He was about 6 weeks old. I promised my husband that after I nursed him back to health, I would bring him to work and get him adopted.  I obviously fell in love with him, and a few arguments later, Bentley was member of our family.  He's a very special kitty, and I appreciate you doing a great job on his surgery. 

Thank you so much!

Dear Friends,

Candace and I will never forget Ripley, nor the many kindnesses we all received from your awesome staff. Ripley was in the best hands possible, and you each enhanced his life and ours more than you will ever know. Your respect and love for our animals truly made many dark days easier to bear.



To the entire team at Murphy Road Animal Hospital:

We want to thank you for taking such good care of River during her accident. And for helping preserve our sanity as well!  It feels great to be a part of your "extended family."

Stacy, Gloria, River and Parker

Dr. Prior & Staff,

Thank you so very much for all your patience and kind care of Grunt over the years.  You will see me again!


Dr. Prior,

Thank you for treating McKenzie with such care & love.  I really appreciate everything you did to make him feel better & keep it in my budget.  You're an earth angel. Have a wonderful week.