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Exceptional Veterinarian in Nashville is AAHA Accredited

Unlike hospitals for humans, pet hospitals are not required to achieve any sort of accreditation, and therefore many don’t. In fact, only 17% of the animal hospitals in the U.S. are accredited. Not so at Murphy Road Veterinary Hospital. Our outstanding veterinarian practice in Nashville chose to embark upon a very stringent accreditation review process and are proud to say that we have been awarded the prestigious status of being an AAHA Accredited Hospital.

What does AAHA stand for?

AAHA logoAAHA is short for the American Animal Hospital Association which is an international organization with 36,000 veterinarian providers who care for companion pets. The organization was established in 1933 and is well-respected for its high standards and quality in pet care. It is the only organization that grants accreditation in the U.S. and Canada.

Accreditation Process

To achieve our accreditation status, we were subject to evaluation on approximately 900 standards of veterinary excellence including patient care and pain management, surgery, pharmacy, pet exam rooms, medical record keeping, lab facilities, cleanliness, emergency services, dental, diagnostic imaging, anesthesiology and continuing education. Our on-site evaluation was performed by a team from AAHA. Every three years we will be required to update our accreditation by going through a similar evaluation.

Required Equipment

When you pet needs surgery, it is a frightening prospect. Hospitals that are awarded AAHA Accreditation are required to have advanced anesthesia monitoring equipment that keeps track of your pet’s vital signs every moment throughout the surgery.  This equipment ensures that your pet will be as safe as possible throughout the procedure.

Disease Prevention

When it is flu season, close contact with other people is the surest way to spread it. Another requirement for AAHA Accreditation is extreme cleanliness. You will find that all of our staff are meticulous about handwashing before and after every examination. Not only does this protect you, but there are also diseases that can spread to our companion friends.

Why Do Veterinary Hospitals Choose Accreditation?

There are many reasons an animal hospital would choose to become accredited. Overall it is a symbol of excellence in medical care and client service. More specifically, hospitals choose accreditation to improve their practice operations and team building, update their skills, improve client relations, and begin the journey on the road to continuous improvement.

What’s in it for You

Using the services of a AAHA Accredited hospital means your pet will get the best of the best. Just like with human medicine, veterinary medicine is constantly changing with new treatments, protocols and equipment coming out all the time. When you choose us, the top veterinarian in Nashville, it means your pet will get the expert staff, latest equipment, newest medical procedures and modern facilities that AAHA believes are vital for delivering high-quality veterinary care. And that’s exactly what you’ll get – the highest quality veterinary care.